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What makes L&J Aviation, Inc. different?

We at L&J Aviation understand that you have dreams and career goals as such choosing the correct flight school could be a challenging and critical task, therefore we have created a diverse set of training programs and have you chosen the one that best fits your specific needs in a hassle-free environment.

We focus on the one thing we can change and that is delivering the best experience possible. The test of our success is what goes through your mind when you think on your next aviation journey and what better way than to see you coming back to the L&J Aviation family.

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Congratulations! You have already taken the first step in your aviation journey, by finding us! Your next step will be to contact us to schedule a meeting. Join us for a discovery flight, to experience what all of mankind has dreamt of since evolution. Flight!

Are you already an FAA certified pilot? L&J Aviation Inc. offers a variety of aircraft available for rent at a competitive hourly rate. We offer Pilot currency training. If you are purchasing our own plane, we have ferry flight services, and insurance training or check out flights.

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